About us

Wantopreneur is an aspiring entrepreneur’s definitive launchpad in India. With a goal to promote entrepreneurship in India, we empower aspiring entrepreneurs to take their first step towards launching their own venture.

Our Story

We are a team of highly enthusiastic, ex-Wantopreneurs who often produced startup ideas at the drop of a hat. All of these ideas turned into Unicorns, but only in our minds, diaries and souls. The fact was while we loved each idea and saw the potential in it, we never actually got to doing it. What good is an idea if it is not really executed! To be honest, along the years we saw some of these ideas get pursued by someone else, and these startups are doing really well too. 

What came out from the experience was a great deal of learning, and validation of the phrase – ‘if you don’t do it, someone else will’. We acknowledged that just like us, there must be so many other Wantopreneurs who struggle to start-up. While there are a lot of academic resources, inspirational content and information available on ‘how to startup’ (we know because we studied them too!), they fail to solve the problem of overcoming the Wantopreneur’s inertia. The problem lies in the fact that Wantopreneurs miss the much-needed support to actually help them get started, and then it gets fairly simpler as you learn and problem-solve along the way. 

We finally decided to break the cycle, and that is how the idea behind Wantopreneur was conceived!

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to boost the spirit of entrepreneurship across the country and empower every aspiring entrepreneur to pursue their startup idea.

We are on a mission to materialise every single idea and launch an entrepreneur from every district in India.

Frequently asked questions

We would encourage you to carry out the necessary due diligence involved before you decide to move ahead with the idea. These shall include carrying out market studies and research work, business model framework, surveys, idea validation to name a few. We hope you do not get overwhelmed or bogged down at this stage and as next steps, we look forward to hearing from you and getting started with executing the idea.

Yes, we would love to discuss through your idea, and share relevant insights and perspectives. We, at Wantopreneur are happy to assist you through a structured and methodical approach for validating your startup idea.

We understand that most entrepreneurs bring forth expertise in a range of domains, and technology and legal may not be one of them. Our team at Wantopreneur strives to save you from the technical and legal woes, so that you are able to focus on your strategic objectives, while we work in the background to help you get off the ground.

No. We, at Wantopreneur take our ethics and transparency very seriously. Should we have the opportunity to work with you, we will sign the right legal contracts along with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) protecting the rights and interests of both the parties. Meanwhile, our tiny bit of understanding on this subject is that an idea typically is not worth as much; it is the execution that matters.

We can process most requirements in a week. Certain activities have timeline dependencies on a range of aspects such as time taken during iterations between you and us, web hosting for changes to take effect, government processing times for registration etc. Broadly, we should be able to deliver the engagement successfully in a month’s time.

All the risks associated with running any business apply here too. One of the most common fears is the risk of failure. However, upon failure it truly relies on the entrepreneur’s ability to navigate through the set of challenges, acknowledge failure in the right spirit, and be able to bounce back and subsequently succeed. As far as the risks in working with us are concerned, we will administer these by signing the right legal contracts along with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) protecting the rights and interests of both the parties.

While it is true that capital is important to be able to operate your startup efficiently, not having capital is no excuse for the same. While Wantopreneur can assist you in connecting with potential investors, we would also like to insist upon figuring out alternative approaches, idea pivots to a certain degree, prioritising and deprioritising objectives in short terms etc. Talk to us, and we’ll be happy to assist through this approach.

No. At Wantopreneur, we work on tailored requirements and custom engagements with our partners. Hence, we do not have off-the shelf service packages. We are happy to discuss these out with you.

Yes, as a part of our consultative solutions, we can carry out a range of brand promotional activities to help you get to your customers. Talk to us to find out how!

For any other queries or concerns, send us an email at hello@wantopreneur.com

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